Knife maker

Paris – FRANCE

Welcome to my workshop.

After 25 years working for large groups in finance and human resource systems project management and reporting & analytics, I discovered blade smithing and knife making through an introductory course. The fire of passion was lit. I spent several years installing my workshop in the Paris area, developing my skills and taking additional training courses before deciding to become a professional and fully dedicating myself to this craft.

I am specialized in kitchen knives and table knives.

All knives are unique pieces handcrafted in my workshop with the greatest care to offer products of the highest quality, from raw materials. I work with high carbon steels at the forge, as well as stainless steel to best meet different types of needs and users. Japanese knife or traditional French / European? I draw inspiration from both to offer an artisanal knife that offers a high-end experience and a professional quality cutting edge.

Whether you are an individual cooking enthusiast or a professional chef, you have a particular project in mind? I primarily work on order, do not hesitate to contact me and discuss it. We will design together your ideal custom knife.

Everything is customizable:

  • shape, dimensions
  • bevel grind type
  • handle type
  • materials
  • personalized engraving…
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See main types of knifes as food for thoughts and as a basis for discussion.

Rond Noir

See examples of products and those available in stock.